Am General Sign-Blog 4

Sometimes it makes sense to use what you got! That was the case for AM General when they approached Burkhart Sign Systems and asked us to evaluate the cost difference of re-furbing their existing sign versus building new. We did a simple cost analysis study and determined that re-furbing the existing made more economical sense. Often times it can be more cost effective to build new versus working with a sign that is completely out of date. In this case our analysis determined that re-furbing versus building new saved this client 45%. Part of the fact that we were able to re-furb this sign stemmed from the fact that we were the original builder. We build with thick aluminum and use heat treated baked on paint finish. As a result we had a solid sign to re-furb.

We pulled the old signs and brought them into our shop where we sanded down the surface, prepped and re-painted. We then cut new ½” FCO aluminum letters and studded them and flush mounted. The sign was re-installed and we even checked to make sure previous welds and steel were intact and solid. The photo above is the new refurbished signs re-installed at the same location. Saving a client time and money by proposing a re-furb is just one of the ways we put the interest of our client first!

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