Boyd Networking

Boyd Meeting Some BOMA|Michiana Members

Burkhart Sign Systems is heavily involved in our community and trade organizations.  It was one of the founding principals of Charles Burkhart and lives on today.  BOMA (Building Owners and Management Association) BOMA Website is an association made up of building/property managers and the vendors that serve those managers.  BOMA has been a great fit for our custom sign division Burkhart Signs as the members of this group are also some of our key clients.  Many of our 80/20 clients have multiple locations or large campuses which require a larger sign company to manage their locations and their needs.

I serve as Sales Manager for Burkhart Sign Systems and was elected President of BOMA|Michiana (local northern Indiana chapter) in 2016.  I was lucky enough to work with Boyd and his team on some projects in the Indianapolis region.  Boyd served as BOMA|International President from 2011-2012.  His home is located in the Indianapolis region and I invited him to kick off our 2016 event schedule.  Boyd spoke on his time as International President, what BOMA International is doing for our industry and what the local BOMA chapter can do to help make their buildings easier to manage, bring overall costs down and implement best practices.  Boyd gave specific examples of projects that his company Hokanson Inc became involved in through his BOMA network.  He also reached out and encouraged our guests to join and gave examples of what BOMA could do for them.

Boyd and Kring

Ryan Kring (President of BOMA|Michiana) and Boyd

Burkhart is proud to support BOMA|Michiana and we thank Boyd for taking time out of his schedule to speak to our group.

-Ryan Kring

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